Cross and Quill Media Reviews

Our Cross and Quill Reviews provide in-depth analysis of the worldview and storytelling of popular movies, shows, books, and audio dramas. While it’s always good to make sure your kids don’t watch movies with inappropriate language or sex, there’s more to being a discerning media consumer than counting curse words. Indeed, too many are lulled by a G rating into absorbing evil ideas just because there was nothing overtly, visually, or audibly evil.

It is our belief that Christians (like everyone else) are too often taken in by the clever, but immoral storytellers of our culture, and that this must stop. It’s time to interact critically with the art we enjoy, and prepare our children to go out into the world and replace the evil writers and directors of our age. But it starts with being able to understand movies and to discern from good and bad, in their filmmaking, performance, storytelling, and worldview.

Cross and Quill Media is here to help you do just that, whether you homeschool or not. Click a Review below to begin.

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