About Us

Cross and Quill Media is a Christian Homeschool Resources Group for providing information primarily about streaming movies through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and MORE. Resources for books, music, and audio are also listed for your homeschool pleasure. Schooling is not just about boring textbooks! You can make subjects come alive with all that is available online, and much of it for FREE.

We have an active Facebook Community for you to share your favorite resources and get advice or ask questions of the many parents that are willing to give information to you and your family.

We are scheduling interviews for those interested. Help us get the word out about this site by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your blog. Cross and Quill Media lists resources for all kinds of videos to go along with your curricula to make learning fun and memorable.  Christian parents are RAVING about this new resource that saves them time and gives them ideas they never thought of. Let us help you in making this school year the best ever! What are others saying about our website and private Facebook group?


  • Just have to say, finding this group is an answer to one of my prayers! I have been utilizing Netflix, Amazon streaming video, and YouTube, but it is so hard to find worthy programs. I try to preview shows, but sometimes I just don’t have time. – Melissa
  • I am so happy to see a resource that I know will be from a Christian perspective. – Clare
  • I am so excited to find this resource! Our family loves Netflix, and I think having suggestions for fun family movies and educational shows to watch is such a blessing! – Melissa
  • I think this will be an outstanding resource for our school year. – Deb
  • We no longer have cable or satellite, & we rely solely on Netflix, Hulu, & a few other Roku channels. My husband & I were looking for a movie to watch with our two boys last night & I decided to look on the Cross and Quill website. I found the section called Family Movie Night & picked a movie from the recommendations. We all loved it! Thank you so much. I never would have found that movie without your website. I LOVE the Family Movie Night section! We will definitely be using your recommendations to find more family-friendly movies. – Susan


When you watch something, it can make whatever you are studying COME ALIVE.

We organize our selections for each age group to make it better for parents who need the best information for their viewing choices. Do you have a favorite resource that is not listed on our site? Please let us know so that we can add it to our ever-growing list!