ST. PATRICK’S DAY “full length” MOVIE

“This made for television movie is entertaining, inspiring, and educational. St. Patrick is one of the most well know, yet least “known about” significant personalities in world history. God used Patrick to transform Ireland and Ireland’s influence helped shape the world. The story starts with Patrick as a reckless youth, captured by slave traders. In slavery to a Irish Warlord he has a Divine encounter that grows into a holy passion for God. He is miraculously delivered from Ireland and returns to his family. Back in his British homeland He hears the call of God to return as a missionary to Ireland. Despite numerous obstacles, he refuses to let go of the heavenly vision and soon returns to Irish soil as the Bishop of Ireland.

Through power encounters with the druid priests and a servants heart of love for the Irish people, Patrick becomes the catalyst for a spiritual awakening. Patrick Bergen’s portrayal of St. Patrick is convincing and compelling. Malcolm McDowell ideally personifies the religious hierarchical antagonists who oppose Patrick. The special effects leave something to be desired but they do not take away from the powerful and moving story of St. Patrick. I highly recommend this movie to all those looking for inspiring family entertainment.”

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