dove customize


Is it discouraging to see options on your streaming device that you would NEVER allow your children to watch? What about those videos that are in categories that you have to quickly cover their eyes as you scroll past?

What if you could personalize your viewing experience?

The Dove Channel has the feature you have been searching for!

Even though the videos provided in the Dove Channel are FAITH and FAMILY friendly, you may not want your 3 year old to have access to a movie that is about missionaries persecuted for their faith.

Members can create a personalized viewing experience using Dove Channel’s customization tool. Choose your Dove rating and safe-guard settings to enjoy a list of your very own preferred titles.

Get dove for 40%OFF at $34.99 for the YEAR!

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1. Click on this link =
2. From the Homeschooler landing page, select any title you wish to view
3. On mobile web, select the “NO THANKS” option when the “Download app” screen appears
4. Browse around
5. When you are ready to subscribe, select any “MEMBER” title
6. Create your account with a valid email and password
7. Select “START FREE TRIAL” on the next screen
8. Complete your credit card information
9. Use the promotional code: DOVESCHOOL1
10. Submit your order and you will instantly have access across all devices, including within the iOS or Android apps!
NOTE: DO NOT try to purchase a subscription within the Roku, iOS or Android apps. You will not have the option to use the coupon code. You can use the service on those devices AFTER you’ve purchased your subscription via web or mobile web.