Ultimate-Libertys-Kids-Collection1When anyone asks about a resource for kids studying the Revolutionary War, the first one that comes up is Liberty’s Kids.

If you want to watch all the episodes on YouTube, I would recommend the Liberty’s Kids channel.

If you want to PURCHASE the full 40 episodes on DVD from Amazon, it goes on sale pretty often, but right now it is under $7!

There is a Liberty’s Kids website with behind the scenes, games, coloring pages, word search, and riddles.

Mr. Donn has Lesson Plans, Games and Activities.

A PDF from History.com that has ideas for 5 questions to ask for each episode.

Homeschool Unit Studies blog covers Benjamin Franklin and uses Episode 10.

Ali’s Blog has an American Revolutionary War Unit Study.

And BEST OF ALL, Homeschool Freebie of the Day is having a week of FREE Constitutional Goodies for all ages!


The list of all things related to Liberty’s Kids is fun enough, but there are some other great resources for your study on the American Revolutionary War.


american revolution activity book


The American Revolution for Kids: A History with 21 Activities is a book that has some amazing reviews and has activities like making a fringed hunting shirt, powder horns, and more. It brings the history alive in the text, so the book is not just about activities. A wonderful addition to your library. Make sure to check the “look inside” feature. It says for 4th-6th grade, but reviewers under that age have enjoyed it as well.



Educational Trivia Card Game – Professor Noggin’s American Revolution is a card game that makes learning fun. Questions are in the form of trivia, true or false, and multiple choice. You can play as according to the directions, or give everyone a card around the dinner table and have a “revolutionary” discussion with your meal.


Colonial & Revolution Songs (American History Through Folksong) is an audio cd with music and background story. Homeschool parents have raved about it. See the reviews on Amazon.


If your children are a little too old for the cartoons, there is another resource from PBS called Liberty! The American Revolution. On the site they have teacher resources, a revolutionary game, timelines, and lots more. You can purchase the DVD’s from them for $40, or an Amazon for $10-15 less. (See the most recent price on Amazon).



Here is the list of Liberty’s Kids Episodes and who the “special guest” is on the show if you can use them.

Episode 1 – The Boston Tea Party (Samuel Adams)

Episode 2 – Intolerable Acts (Phillis Wheatley)

Episode 3 – United We Stand (Abigail Adams)

Episode 4 – Liberty or Death (Patrick Henry)

Episode 5 – Midnight Ride (Paul Revere)

Episode 6 – The Shot Heard Round the World (John Parker)

Episode 7 – Green Mountain Boys (Ethan Allen)

libertys kids dvd

Episode 8 – Second Continental Congress (John Hancock)

Episode 9 – Bunker Hill (Joseph Warren)

Episode 10 – Postmaster General Franklin (John Adams)

Episode 11 – Washington Takes Command (George Washington)

Episode 12 – Common Sense (Thomas Paine)

Episode 13 – The First Fourth of July (Thomas Jefferson)

Episode 14 – New York, New York (Betsy Ross)

Episode 15 – The Turtle (David Bushnell)

Episode 16 – One Life to Lose (Nathan Hale)

Episode 17 – Captain Molly (Thomas Jefferson)

Episode 18 – American Crisis (Robert Bell)

Episode 19 – Across the Delaware (John Honeyman)

Episode 20 – American in Paris (Alexander Hamilton)

Episode 21 – Sybil Lundington (Sybil Lundington)

Episode 22 – Lafayette Arrives (Sarah Fulton)

Episode 23 – The Hessians are Coming (Sarah Fulton)

Episode 24 – Valley Forge (Baron von Steuben)

Episode 25 – Allies at Last (Moses Michael Hayes)

Episode 26 – Honor and Compromise (Abraham Nenhem)

Episode 27 – The New Frontier (Shawnee Chief Cornstalk)

Episode 28 – Not Yet Begun to Fight (John Paul Jones )

Episode 29 – The Great Galvez (Bernando de Galvez)

Episode 30 – In Praise of Ben (Ben Franklin)

Episode 31 – Bostonians (Iroquois chief Joseph Brant)

Episode 32 – Benedict Arnold (Benedict Arnold)

Episode 33 – Conflict in the South (Nathanael Greene)

Episode 34 – Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution (Deborah Samson)

Episode 35 – James Armistead (James Armistead)

Episode 36 – Yorktown (Charles Cornwallis)

Episode 37 – Born Free and Equal (Mum Bett)

Episode 38 – The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King (Benjamin West)

Episode 39 – Going Home (Daniel Shays)

Episode 40 – We the People (James Madison)


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