favorite middle ages resourcePreschool and up

  • Disney: Robin Hood – With King Richard off to the Crusades, Prince John and his slithering minion, Sir Hiss, set about taxing Nottingham’s citizens with support from the corrupt sheriff — and staunch opposition by the wily Robin Hood and his band of merry men. (Netflix DVD)
  • Robin Hood / Prince+Pauper / 3 Musketeers – Three classic adventures — Robin Hood, The Prince and the Pauper, and The Three Musketeers — come to life in this triple bill of family-friendly films featuring animated animals as the stories’ legendary heroes and villains. Brave Robin Hood squares off against the dastardly Prince John; poor Tom swaps identities with the heir to the throne; and the Three Musketeers find adventure with aspiring musketeer D’Artagnan. (Netflix DVD)
  • The Legend of Robin Hood – While the benevolent King Richard is off fighting in the Crusades, his evil brother, Prince John, inflicts unjust laws upon the citizens of Nottingham, setting the stage for Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men to lend a helping hand to the masses. Stealing from the rich Prince John and giving to the poor, Robin and company find adventure in this animated version of the legend. Also on hand, of course, is Robin’s beloved Maid Marian. hn; poor Tom swaps identities with the heir to the throne; and the Three Musketeers find adventure with aspiring musketeer D’Artagnan. (Netflix DVD)
  • New Adventures of Robin Hood – This animated adventure follows the exploits of legendary thief and folk hero Robin Hood as he takes on the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, who has stolen the crown jewels from the king of England. The Sheriff hires mercenary Vikings to do battle for his selfish cause, but cheerful Robin and his Merry Men are determined to thwart the Sheriff’s plans once and for all. Along the way, Robin tries to win the heart of fair Maid Marian.(Netflix DVD)
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood – This 1985 animated adaptation of the classic legend follows the brave exploits of Robin Hood, a noble thief (and an ace with a bow and arrow) who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Dwelling deep within the glades of Sherwood Forest, Robin and his band of merry men elude the Sheriff of Nottingham, rescue Maid Marion and thwart wretched Prince John to preserve the throne for England’s true king, Richard the Lionhearted.(Netflix DVD)
  • The Backyardigans: Robin Hood the Clean – The Festival of Dirt is coming to the village of Filthingham, prompting Mayor Austin Stinkypants to hide Tyrone, Tasha and Uniqua’s soap — and their only hope of scrubbing up lies with spirited penguin Pablo, alias Robin Hood the Clean. This installment of the colorful animated series (with characters courtesy of children’s book author and illustrator Dan Yaccarino) headlines a collection of four imaginative episodes.(Netflix DVD)
  • Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse – In this cat-and-mouse spin on the tale of Robin Hood, perpetual foes Tom and Jerry table their tussles to save Robin and his fair lady, Maid Marian, after Robin is captured by the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham and wicked Prince John. (Netflix DVD)

Elementary and up

  • The Secret of Kells – Magic, fantasy, and Celtic mythology come together in a riot of color and detail that dazzle the eyes in a sweeping story about the power of imagination and faith to carry humanity through dark times. In a remote medieval outpost of Ireland, young Brendan embarks on a new life of adventure when a celebrated master illuminator arrives from foreign lands carrying a book brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It is here that he meets the falry Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl, who helps him along the way. But with the barbarians closing in, will Brendans determination and artistic vision illuminate the darkness and show that enlightenment is the best fortification against evil? (Netflix INSTANT) (Amazon INSTANT)
  • The Story of Robin Hood – Released in 1952 and later aired as an episode of Disney’s long-running series, this exciting tale stars Richard Todd as Robin Hood, the noble thief who defends the poor people of Nottingham against the treachery of the tyrannical Prince John (Hubert Gregg). Starring as the maniacal sheriff is Academy Award winner Peter Finch, best known for his iconic role as the screaming mad anchor Howard Beale in Sidney Lumet’s classic Network.(Netflix DVD)
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood – Errol Flynn stars as swashbuckling hero Robin Hood in this Oscar-nominated classic. When the greedy Prince John (Claude Rains) seizes the throne and raises taxes on the peasants, Robin assembles his band of Merry Men to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Along the way, he woos the lovely Maid Marian (Olivia de Havilland) and faces off against the dastardly Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Basil Rathbone). Patric Knowles and Alan Hale co-star. (Netflix DVD)(You Tube 1.99)
  • The Court Jester – Danny Kaye plays kind-hearted entertainer Hawkins who disguises himself as the legendary king of jesters, Giacomo. Hawkins infiltrates the court of the evil villain Basil Rathbone, but when a sorceress hypnotises him, royal chaos ensues.(Amazon INSTANT)
  • A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court 1949 – Bing Crosby stars as a singing mechanic from 1912 who finds himself in Arthurian Britain.(You Tube)
  • Life in Medieval Times – Geared toward youngsters, this fascinating documentary provides a great introduction to daily life during the Middle Ages in Britain. Faithful reconstructions — including a working medieval village –bring to life the details of everyday existence, while authoritative commentary illuminates the period’s history. Experts include scholars from the University of Warwick, the University of Birmingham and Keble College, Oxford.(Netflix DVD)
  • East Sussex Medieval Towns and Villages Churches – (Amazon INSTANT)
  • PBS – Cathedral – David Macaulay (You Tube)
  • PBS – Castle – David Macaulay (You Tube)


Middle School and up

  • Merlin – British TV series. A different take on the King Arthur legends, appropriate for middle schoolers and up, but be aware that there is a lot of magic in this series. (Netflix INSTANT)
  • Medieval Warfare: The Crusades – In this engrossing documentary narrated by Terry Molloy, learn how Christian soldiers from England and other parts of Western Europe waged a centuries-long battle of the highest order against the Muslims in a campaign that later became known as the Crusades. Through archives, interviews with experts and more, discover how Richard the Lionheart faced off with Saladin in the 12th century and other tales of bravery and bloodshed. (Netflix DVD)
  • Medieval Warfare: Agincourt – In 1415, a massive French army took on an overmatched force of English invaders in Agincourt in Northern France — and lost. The battle claimed the lives of many of the highest-ranking French nobles and allowed King Henry V to claim the throne of France for England. Through expert analysis and dramatic re-creations, this historical investigation shows why Agincourt is considered one of the most important military victories in English history. (Netflix DVD)
  • Medieval Warfare: Wars of the Roses – A bitter battle for the throne of 15th-century England, the War of the Roses is often seen as the end of the medieval era and the dawn of the Renaissance. This historical documentary traces the roots of the conflict and details the major military clashes between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Expert analysis, maps and diagrams of key engagements explain the events that eventually led to the coronation of Henry VII.(Netflix DVD)
  • Battlefield Detectives,Ep. 2 “Agincourt’s Dark Secrets” – Medieval warfare specialists investigate how terrain affected the way the 15th-century Battle of Agincourt was waged, what the rare battlefield artifacts tell us, and just what happens when an English bodkin point meets French armor. (Amazon INSTANT)
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Kevin Costner stars as Sherwood Forest’s outlaw hero in this 1991 version of the classic tale of intrigue, romance and pageantry. When the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman) murders Robin’s father, the legendary archer vows vengeance. To accomplish his mission, Robin joins forces with a band of exiled villagers (and comely Maid Marian), and together they battle to end the evil sheriff’s reign of terror. (Netflix DVD)


High School and up

  • Robin Hood – BBC TV series. Slightly comical, good for an idea about life in this time period. (Netflix INSTANT)
  • A Knight’s Tale – After befriending aspiring writer Geoffrey Chaucer, squire William Thatcher persuades the scribe to forge documents passing William off as a bona fide knight — who soon becomes a jousting star while finding romance with an admiring princess. PG-13  Inspired by “The Canterbury Tales”. Rated for action violence, some back side nudity and brief sex-related dialogue. (Netflix DVD)
  • Cadfael: The Complete Series – Seen on the PBS Mystery! series, this haunting tales stars Sir Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael, the crime-solving monk of medieval Shewsbury. (Amazon INSTANT)