We have our history categories separated for easier usage. History is a very important subject in homeschool and sometimes kids get bored with just reading about history, and so watching documentaries, videos, or movies can make learning more fun!

We also have an AUDIO section that will include history topics as well.

Watching or listening to any media should be done with a Christian perspective. How do you watch and listen responsibly?

One of the first things to do is check for historical accuracy. When watching anything historical, don’t just take it for truth – check the details. How many kids grew up thinking that Pocahontas was in love and maybe even married John Smith because of Disney. Poor John Rolfe! I guess that they corrected it with Pocahontas 2, but who saw that? When watching a history movie, I ALWAYS check the facts after it is over and we ┬átalk about the mistakes and inaccuracies as a family.


Here are a list of our HISTORY CATEGORIES:


Ancient World

Middle Ages

Reformation and Renaissance

American and Modern History