Art in media for homeschoolers can be very rewarding. Learning how artists lived and made beautiful masterpieces is one thing in a book, but seeing it on the screen may just inspire another Mona Lisa!


You should preview all movies to make sure that it is appropriate for your family.
Some of our favorite places to find reviews are Dove, Plugged In, and Common Sense Media.

We have tried to put these in the best age group for watching.

If you have any videos that you would recommend in this category, please contact us or share your ideas in our private Facebook Group.

Netflix can be watched streaming with your Netflix account and costs $7.99 a month. Netflix DVD is also $7.99 a month for checking out 1 DVD at a time and can be added to your streaming package for a total of $15.98 per month.

Amazon Prime Membership is $99 for the year. With this package, you get FREE 2-day shipping, instant streaming videos and tv shows, and instant access to Kindle books.

Roku is a streaming device that allows you access to thousands of “channels” (free and paid). You can view Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus,  to name a few. A Roku cost $49.99 and up and we LOVE ours and recommend it wholeheartedly.



Baby Van Gogh – Netflix DVD




Secret of Kells – Netflix

The Book of Kells: The Work of Angels? – Netflix DVD


Middle School

The Great Artists – Netflix DVD

Great Masters of the Italian Renaissance – Netflix DVD

Rembrandt: 400 Years – Netflix DVD

Vincent: Life and Death of Van Gogh – Netflix DVD

The Dutch Masters: Rembrandt – Netflix DVD

The Dutch Masters: Rubens – Netflix DVD

The Dutch Masters: Bosch – Netflix DVD

The Dutch Masters: Vermeer – Netflix DVD

The Dutch Masters: Bruegel – Netflix DVD